Crews Battle Andrews Creek Wildfire

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NEAR YONCALLA, Ore. — Fire crews fought a 60 acre wildfire Saturday. With hands on the ground and help in the sky, firefighters worked to control the burn.

“We brought in a couple helicopters to help cool stuff off and then we also have a fixed wing aerial observer aircraft in the sky, as well to keep our eyes in the sky and let us know what’s going on,” said Kyle Reed, Fire Prevention Specialist with the Douglas Forest Protective Association.

On the ground, crews let interior logs burn and focused on making sure the outer edge of the fire was cooling off.

“Anything within 20-30 feet of the line today we’re going to start extinguishing all of those smokes and hot spots,” Reed said.

Although fire season hasn’t officially started in Douglas County, the DFPA said it is discouraging any burning.

“We are advising residents not to burn despite the fact that there’s not a burn ban in place, it’s just not very good burning conditions and it doesn’t take much for the fire to get away,” Reed said.

The Andrews Creek fire was not the first wildfire in Douglas County in 2013; last weekend, 12 fires started due to lighting strikes. Even though officials don’t know the cause of the fire yet, they said it could have been a smoldering pile from a lightning strike or it could have started from debris flying around from a backyard burn.

Since everything is drying out, it’s keeping fire crews a bit busier earlier in the year than many would like to be, and could cause the fire season in Douglas County to begin earlier than usual.

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