Crews Begin Leaf Collection Process

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EUGENE, Ore. — Public works crews will begin scooping leaves from Eugene neighborhood streets this week. Residents are asked to┬ápile leaves in the streets, away from gutters, bike lanes and cars. In Springfield, residents are required to put leaves in plastic bags and place them on the curb.

If you live in central Eugene, leaf pickup starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday, when crews will move to north, south and west parts of town.

Leave pickup also starts Tuesday in the unincorporated areas of Eugene and Springfield, like the Santa Clara-River Rd. area. Leaves should be left in the street there, not bagged.

In Springfield, 28th St. is the dividing line for pickup scheduling. Pickup west of 28th will begin December 2, east of 28th will begin the following week.

Leaf collection is conducted in two rounds, so crews will make two complete trips through each area. Once collection crews come through your zone, store additional leaves on your property until a couple of days before the second round of collections.

Click for complete schedule of pickup times and maps.
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