Crews Clean Up Snowstorm Aftermath

EUGENE, Ore. — Western Oregon is starting to look like its old self again, but Public Works crews are still busy assessing the aftermath of this snowstorm.

“This was a tough storm for us because of the cold weather not so much the volume of snow,” said Eric Johnson, Eugene Public Works.

Luckily, the snow didn’t have much substance to really create a lot of chaos.

“The fact that the snow is a drier snow compared to the normal wet heavy snow we normally get it is helping with reducing any kind of flooding,” said Loralyn Spiro, Springfield Public Works.

Even though crews don’t anticipate a great amount of urban flooding, Springfield and Eugene Public Works are still working to reduce the chance by clearing clogged catch basins and sweeping up sand and slush.

“Our street sweepers are out starting to clean up priority one routes, and they’ll probably be working for the next week just picking up all that material,” Johnson said.

Especially once thousands of people take on the roads for the re-scheduled Springfield Christmas Parade.

“We’re making sure the routes going to be cleared, sweeping as needed,” Spiro said.

So while western Oregon is starting to look a lot more familiar, officials say don’t get too comfortable just yet.

“Don’t let down your guard. There’s still slush. We’re still getting reports of icy conditions in the south hills,” Johnson said.

Eugene Public Works estimates already spending more than $100,000 on this snowstorm. Springfield is still calculating its totals.

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