Crews Contain Fall Creek Wildfire

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FALL CREEK, Ore. — An early start to the wildfire season means an end to backyard burning. After a number of wildfires popped up Saturday, the Lane Fire Defense Board along with LRAPA issued a burn ban in Lane County.

The ban is directly related to a number of weekend fires. Crews continued to create a fire line Sunday around a 20 acre fire near Fall Creek. Crews said the flareups are the reason they support the early county-wide burn ban.

Sunday around 50 Oregon Department of Forestry workers eliminated any potential fuel from the fire line. To do this, crews watered the embers to cool the burn, cut down some trees and dug up any dead grass in the fires’ path.

The fire still had some hot spots Sunday afternoon. Fire officials said the cause of the fire was still under investigation, but it most likely started from a backyard burn, and the weather helped the fire spread quickly.

“This is extremely unusual to have such low humidities and high temperatures at this time of year,” said Chief Keith Hoehn, Lowell Fire District. The site supervisor said he can’t stress how important it is for people to avoid burning during this time. “We’re discouraging any backyard burning and any burning of any kind at this time,” said Matt Thomas, wild land fire supervisor.

The strong winds prevented crews from using a helicopter to extinguish the fire. A fire truck also got stuck in one of the entry roads to the fire, blocking it for hours.

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