Crews Continue Clearing Roads

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SPRINGFIELD/EUGENE, Ore. — This storm started with some fluffy snow, but there’s now freezing rain and ice in the mix. Eugene and Springfield Public Works crews say this time around, temperatures are a bit warmer than the December snow storm. This is allowing their plows and de-icers to still be effective, but they do have concerns about the freezing rain’s impact on drivers and they’re not the only ones.

Public works crews aren’t the only ones working around the clock with all hands on deck.

Ray’s Towing driver Will Clocksin says, “We’re basically a team around here. Whenever snow hits the ground, if it’s your day off or whatnot you call in and if we’re needed you come in and we work.”

Drivers with Ray’s Towing responded to about a hundred calls yesterday and they just keep coming. Some motorists say these roads are just too slick and the city needs to do more to get them manageable.

“The graveling, the sanding, they could do a lot more,” said Springfield driver William Moore.

The city of Eugene says it is. For the last storm, crews put down 850 cubic yards of sand. As of this morning, they’ve already used about 200. And with just nine pieces of equipment for about 500 miles of street, they’re trying to focus their attention on those priority roads.

In Springfield, staff say it takes at least an hour to do one route and crews there only have two sanders to cover all their ground. Both sides say there is only so much they can do and other motorists understood that it’s not just up to the city to keep things moving. Drivers share responsibility in this too.

Eugene driver Kyle Schneider says, “I think there’s a little more alertness going on. I think people are a little more educated since there’s been another snow storm. This is the second one this year.”

Towing and public works crews are encouraging folks to stay off the roads, especially when this freezing rain is coming down.

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