Crews Install Denim Insulation

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EUGENE, Ore. — Going green, or should we say blue? A housing project in Eugene is demonstrating a new way of being eco-friendly by reusing old denim.

Crews are putting the insulation in at a Habitat for Humanity house on Yogi Way in Eugene. But it isn’t your typical insulation what’s going in the home’s walls. It’s used jeans.

The jeans came from Levi Strauss as part of their denim insulation projects. During the summer, the company collected 388 pounds of denim. That denim was then shredded and made into insulation.

Denim insulation is more expensive than regular insulation. But through a $10,000 grant from Levi’s to Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity, the home will be fully outfitted with denim insulation.

“Because this is an Energy Star Home and the denim insulation is extremely energy efficient, we’re here today to help out put the insulation in,” said Cindy Pahs, Levi Strauss Procurement Manager.

Volunteers from Levi Strauss even got to put the denim insulation in the walls.

The house will be the first Energy Star rated home for Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity. The home is expected to be completed in November. Once it’s finished, Autumn Wise and four-year-old son Dylan will be able to move in.

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