Crews Limit Fire Damage on Coburg Hills

NEAR MARCOLA, Ore. — For the second time this month, emergency crews raced to put out a fire on top of the Coburg Hills.

The fire started Wednesday afternoon near one of the McGowan overlooks.

The bulldozer was out by late afternoon as crews worked on a containment line. Crews managed to limit the fire to about two-thirds of an acre.

While people are known to shoot guns in the area, investigators have yet to determine exactly what sparked the flames. They are convinced it was human started.

On July 5, a fireworks-ignited fire burned two acres, about a mile away from Wednesday’s fire. With more and more fires being started, firefighters are pleading with people to use caution when out in the forest.

“It’s definitely dried out a lot in the last two weeks,” said Eric Johnson, BLM Deputy Fire Staff. “The next couple of days it’s supposed to do the same. We’re supposed to get a couple days of cooler weather over the weekend, but then it’s right back to hot and dry.”

In federally owned public lands, people are required to carry fire tools including either a fire extinguisher or gallon of water. People should also have a fire tool on hand like a hatchet.

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