Crews Perform Water Rescues in Lane County

January 19, 2012

By Brian Richardson

NOTI, Ore. — This massive storm system is testing history and emergency crews.

Many homes along Highway 126 look more like islands.

Rescue crews spent a good portion of their morning making a special trip for those who needed help.

Lane County Fire District 1 responded off Poodle Road.

They were helping a family, not escape their home, but salvage what they could.

They were hoping to use a boat and trailer to move the most important of belongings.

Just as soon as they splashed down, another call for help.

They raced to Vaughn Road where the Noti Creek had escaped its banks.

There they found David Hanscom and his wife.

“Throughout the night, I stayed up watching the water. It was getting closer and closer. I knew at some point, things weren’t going to go well,” Hanscom said.

Emergency crews were able to safely get the Hanscoms on dry land.

They were very appreciative of the help and plan to stay in a hotel Thursday night.

The dangers the rest of the week are not just limited to flooding.

While a KEZI was doing one of their interviews, a tree collapsed under the weight of all the rain. Deputies say that could happen at any time.

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