Crews Prep for Heavy Rain

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — It’s the first big storm of the season. The day started out with strong winds, but now it’s all about heavy rain in the Willamette Valley.

That is what was on the minds of public works crews Monday as they were doing their usual maintenance.

Springfield crews made sure debris was cleared and storm drains were unclogged. They also remind residents to do your part too to prevent any localized flooding.

“As far as flooding, when the catch basins are covered, just get a rake and remove the leaves and the debris from the catch basins to allow the water to flow into the water system,” said Tony Hart, Springfield Public Works.

Crews say this is starting to be one of the busiest times of the year, especially with all the leaves cluttering the streets right now.

If you have any problems, call your city public works crews.

Although, if there are any trees or debris on power lines, that’s up to your utility provider like EWEB or SUB.

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