Crews Respond to House Fire In Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene residents say they were trying to stay warm by their fireplace when all the sudden the flames got out of control.

Fire crews responded to a house fire on the 3300 block of Willamette Street.

Officials say there is significant damage to one room and smoke damage to the rest.

The residents say all five people living in the house made it out safely and they’re glad they called for help as soon as they did.

“I was studying for finals week and I saw smoke pouring into my room. I was like, ‘that is not normal’,” said Mike Hawk, a resident.

“We obviously knew it was related to the fire place so first thing we did was grab some water to try and put the fire out in the fire place. At that point, the fire kept going into the wall so it was too late,” said Travis Regan, another resident.

The residents say they can’t stay at the house and will be at a hotel for now.

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