Crews Return From Oregon Gulch Fire

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GOSHEN, Ore. — Local firefighters are returning home after helping with the efforts to contain the Oregon Gulch Fire.
The Lane County Task Force #1 returned home Tuesday night after a four-day trip.
It was made up of crews from the Lane Fire Authority, Mohawk Valley Fire District, Eugene/Springfield, Coburg and McKenzie Fire.
The group of 15 helped with structure protection.
As they returned home they reflected on what they saw, homes that just barely escaped the flames and the animals impacted.
Cooler temperatures are helping crews to contain the Oregon Gulch Fire burning on the Oregon-California border.
Fire crews say the overcast weather combined with some scattered showers have helped slow the spread.
The fire’s burned about 57 square miles tonight and is 30 percent contained.
Even though those weather conditions are making things easier, crews say wind is still a big concern.
The Gulch fire is the biggest wildfire burning in Oregon.
Overall flames are scorching over 127 square miles.

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