ODOT to Activate New Traffic Signal

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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — A heavily traveled highway is about to get a lot busier, and to prepare, a new traffic signal will be switched on Tuesday.

Drivers should be prepared to stop at the corner of Highway 99 and Milliron Rd. where engineers from the Oregon Department of Transportation will activate the new signal.

It will break up a six mile signal free stretch of Highway 99, between Airport Rd. and Highway 36. It’s in place to accommodate the expected increase in traffic to and from the new state hospital currently under construction. Drivers say they have seen a lot of speeders on the road and many accidents so they hope the traffic light will help reduce.

“If it slows people down because that light turns yellow obviously people slow down and they’ll know that the light is there and that it can change at any time so I think that hopefully it will help with the accidents and people slow down,” says Joslyn Moser.

Some drivers feel the lights will cause more accidents at the intersection. Once construction to the hospital is finished, traffic impact analysts predict about 200 vehicles will travel to the site each day during peak travel times.

The switch will be flipped between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Tuesday.

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