Crews Work to Clear Packed Snow, Ice

EUGENE, Ore. — With the weather warming back up Wednesday, Public Works crews were able to clear a bit of that packed snow and ice out on the roadways.

Throughout town, Eugene and Springfield Public Works crews say some roads are cleared, but others are still covered with packed snow and ice. That’s why the warmer weather on Wednesday was a big help for clearing those roads.

“The snow and ice pack starts to slush up a little bit. The plows will come behind and move that material off the road before the de-icing. It just was too cold to be effective, so we’re laying off sanding and we’re de-icing more today,” said Melysa Slavkovsky, Eugene Public Works spokesperson.

Some roads in Eugene are still covered with packed snow and ice, but on others there’s bare pavement.

It’s the same story in Springfield.

“Shaded areas are still icy. Even with sand we are asking drivers to be cautious and consider their speed, you know, with a mix of some areas being still a little icy, some areas being bare pavement,” said Loralyn Spiro, Springfield Public Works spokesperson.

But while Eugene is taking advantage of the sun by plowing, Springfield is not.

“We sand. We don’t plow,” Spiro said.

With temperatures cooling back down overnight, both cities are preparing for anything that’s melting to freeze back up.

“The de-icing for the roads should help with that although once it dips down to the very cold temperatures is going to freeze,” Slavkovsky said.

And with the threat of freezing rain Thursday, both cities are reminding drivers to take it slow out on the roads.

“They are getting better. We have more bare pavement in some areas, you know, but there’s still areas with packed snow and ice. So again, with the varied conditions, we’re just asking drivers to be cautious,” Spiro said.

“We’re encouraging individuals to drive with caution. Of course, allow a little extra time and a little extra following distance and just be safe out there,” Slavkovsky said.

Eugene Public Works says it had crews out shoveling sidewalks nearby schools in both the 4J and Bethel school districts to try to make the commute safe for students once the schools open back up.

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