Crime Worries Springfield Business Owner

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield business owner robbed at gunpoint last month says she can’t catch a break from those loitering and acting suspicious around her business. That business owner isn’t alone in her concerns.

The owner of Cool Beenz Coffee in Springfield says since she was robbed at the end of July she’s had to call the police at least a dozen times on people loitering around her business acting suspicious. It happened three times just this week.

Gretchen Dunning just opened up her business a couple of months ago in the Value Village parking lot and says this is taking an emotional toll on her to the point that she’s even considered closing up shop.

She’s not alone. The owner of Centennial Market in the same strip mall also just opened and says he’s experience shop lifters.

Dunning says SPD is prompt about sending officers when she calls. She would just like some peace from all of this.

“We are just trying to bring it to the attention of the public right now and let the neighborhoods know locally this is what is going on for their safety and for ours. But police are responding quick and they are patrolling this area more, which is ultimately already helping,” said Grethen Dunning, Cool Beanz Owner.

“I’ve made the graveyard or morning watch sergeants aware of it and we are going to have more patrols around the opening times and around the early morning times when it is still dark,” said Sgt. David Lewis, Springfield Police Department.

Dunning says right after the robbery she purchased security cameras, and she says those have helped. Once the people who are loitering come to her window see those, they tend to go away. She says she just wishes it didn’t have to come to this.

SPD says it doesn’t want people to live in fear of coming to work. Sgt. Lewis says if it gets worse he could see some increased patrols even during the day.

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