Criminals Target Rural Areas

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NOTI, Ore. — The new year comes with a plea for at least one Lane County family–an increased presence by the Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

A family in Noti says criminals are now intentionally targeting her property because they know the sheriff’s office is facing budget concerns and can’t respond.

Heather Stahl says she first watched someone break into her garage about two weeks ago as she was on the phone with deputies. Since then, she’s seen a non-stop presence of prowlers and suspicious people.

When she calls the sheriff’s office, it can take more than an hour for a response because deputies will first respond to violent crimes.

She feels like the criminals have learned the sheriff’s office limit and now they’re specifically targeting people who live in rural areas.

“It’s affecting me every day. I’m looking out the window all the time. My dog barks, I look out to see what’s going on. It’s affecting my kids. They’re scared to death. Just seeing somebody do what they did is enough to make you scared and be on alert all the time,” Stahl said.

The sheriff’s office did not comment on specifics to a rise in crime in this area but said it’s doing the best it can with limited resources.

Stahl hopes to start a neighborhood watch program in her area.


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  1. lostsouls says:

    I understand and sympathize w/you but you’ve got to get a grip on your fear. Your children , as you stated, are fearful. That is because of you. I live in a rural area as well and all I can say to you is deal w/the reality as it is and find peace.

    Nothing you own is worth the stress on your life. Rejoice!

    1. jason marks says:

      remember, they are “intentionally targeting her property”.

      yes, do something yourself about it. This calling and calling and calling everytime your paranoid thinking kicks in has got to stop.

  2. right to bare arms says:

    You have the right to bare arms. That’s exactly what the right to bare arms is for. to protect person and properties.

  3. Sandra McCarthy says:

    I also believe in the right to BEAR arms (too bad we can’t arm bears,huh?). The dirt-bags who think there just might be a weapon in the house are going to head for home that do not seem to be protected by a gun owner. Post a sign in your yard that says your property is protected by Smith and Wesson. That will give you a better night’s rest and give the creeps something to think about and move on.
    The police can only respond to write the report after the crime…they can’t prevent the crime so don’t expect that even with a full force.

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