Cromwell Murder Trial Under Way

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Robert Cromwell murder trial has wrapped up for the day.

He’s the Springfield man accused of killing his ex-fiance.

Friday, the defense will present its case.

Court proceedings began just after 9:30 a.m. Prosecutors continued to call more people to the stand to testify.

Cromwell is facing one charge of murder in the death of his ex-fiance Casey Wright and one charge of unlawful use of a weapon. That weapon being a baseball bat.

The first witness to testify Thursday was Dr. Leif Meyers, who evaluated Cromwell in the emergency room the night of Wright’s murder.

Dr. Meyers says he stitched up cuts on Cromwell’s wrists. The injuries were not life threatening, though Cromwell had admitted a previous desire to kill himself following Wright’s death.

“I mentioned in the note that after he cut his wrists, he no longer wanted to die and, therefore, he presented to the hospital,” said ER physician Dr. Leif Meyers.

Dr. Meyers says Cromwell said he was not having suicidal thoughts while at the hospital.

A Springfield detective also took the stand reviewing several crime scene photos and other evidence, including the baseball bat prosecutors say was used in the murder.

A forensic pathologist and the Springfield detective who interviewed Cromwell that night also testified.

The detective took the stand to review crime scene photos, including the ones taken in the bedroom where Wright was killed.

“Visible in this picture if you get close enough is blood spatter that goes up the wall, right above where her head was. It goes up a couple feet,” said Detective David Grice.

It was during that time Cromwell appeared to show his first visible reaction to what was going on in his trial, bringing his hand to cover his mouth as the courtroom looked at pictures of Wright’s lifeless body in the bed they shared together not long before.

Testimony from a forensic pathologist followed after the lunch hour, stating that Wright had died from blunt force trauma by homicide. The detective who interviewed Cromwell that night also testified. That interview was recorded and played back to the jury. When asked about what happened and why, Cromwell was unsure.

“Then I found out about this other guy, and it was happening when she was still living with me, and I just I don’t know snapped,” Cromwell said.

Cromwell also agreed with the detective during questioning that he felt betrayed by Wright. The detective said at the time Cromwell didn’t exhibit any signs of remorse or sadness about what happened.

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