Crowds Line Streets at Harrisburg Parade

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HARRISBURG, Ore. — The annual Harrisburg Parade draws crowds from all over.

There are a number of reasons why people came out to watch the parade.

For veterans it’s about love of country.

“Well I’m an American, what a wonderful day to be out on the birthday of America what a great day,” said Bill McLean, traveling through Oregon.

“I think it’s a good thing, communities can get together and celebrate, and the Fourth of July it’s a good day out too,” said Scott Lake, Junction City resident.

Both of these men fought in different wars – but they say there’s a common bond.

“There’s a closeness unless you’ve been there you really can’t explain you think more of your buddies than you do yourself it seems you take care of each other,” said Bill McLean.

But it wasn’t just veterans who came out to watch the parade.

Residents say the Fourth of July is about protecting our freedom.

“We’ve got to learn to fight for our freedoms and I think above all else July Fourth signifies that,” said Dianne McLean, traveling through Oregon.

She says the meaning behind the Fourth of July is getting lost.

“Today’s youth are not being given enough information on their history and what their background is if it isn’t happening today, it isn’t important,” said Dianne McLean.

But one 12 year-old was right on cue with his knowledge of the holiday.

“The Fourth of July means that I get to celebrate the day that we got independence from Britain,” said Johnathan Kirk, visiting Oregon.

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