Weather-Related Closures & Cancellations

The following activities have been postponed or cancelled:

UPDATED 6:30 a.m., December 9th

    • Northwest Christian University Closed Until 1pm
      • Lincoln Co.
      • Monroe
      • Philomath
      • Scio
      • South Lane
      • Sweet Home
        • Child Center
        • Coburg Community Charter
        • Days Creek School
        • Drinking Gourd
        • Eddyville Charter
        • Eugene Creative Care
        • Eugene Christian School
        • Life Lutheran School
        • O’Hara Catholic School
        • Network Charter School
        • Pearl Buck Center
        • Logos Christian High School
      • Private and Charter Schools
        • Siletz Valley Charter
        • Springfield Christian Pre-school and Kindergarten
        • Springfield Beauty College
        • St. Paul Lutheran Roseburg
        • Tiller School
        • Willamette Christian School Eugene


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  1. Teresa Manning says:

    Dear KEZI:

    Is the 4j District open or closed? Thank you. Because I don’t want to drive in this weather,
    A concerned parent,
    Teresa Manning

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      4J says its schools will not have classes Monday. Details here: http://www.4j.lane.edu/2013/12/dec-9-no-school-for-students-staff-report/

  2. D.DiMercurio says:

    Any word on LCC Main campus?

    1. Pat says:

      Should announce status by 6am if not sooner

    2. Pat O'Connor says:

      Just announced –LCC closed on Monday, December 9

    3. KEZI Staff says:

      LCC says its main campus will be closed Monday. Details here: http://lanecc.edu/

  3. A 4J employee says:

    Just to be clear, I want the community to know that Eugene 4J values the safety of the families and students, but apparently not the staff as we are expected to report to work regardless of the road and 4j site conditions.

  4. Courtney dixon says:

    Is lane community college closed tomorrow?

    1. Pat O'Connor says:

      Yes–just announced via Lane Alerts–LCC closed Monday

    2. KEZI Staff says:

      LCC posted this update on its website. It says “Due to sub freezing temperature levels and the large amount of snow and ice present on roadways in Eugene and the nearby communities, Lane Community College will be closed Monday, December 9th.” http://www.lanecc.edu/landing-pages/announcements/lcc-main-campus-cottage-grove-and-downtown-closed-monday-december-9th-due-continuing-weather-conditions-stay-tuned-information-monday-regarding-rescheduling-final-exams

  5. Shari says:

    Looks like UO is on a 2 hour delay per their announcement.

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      Yes. It will be on its regular operational schedule at 10 a.m. Monday, December 9th. Details here: http://alerts.uoregon.edu/

  6. Janice Burton says:

    We’re a new program. How do we add our name to the closure list? Burton Tutoring and Learning Center.

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      You can submit it here.

  7. Janice Burton says:

    Please add our program to your school closure list for tomorrow.

    Thank you,

    Burton Tutoring and Learning Center (Eugene)

  8. J says:

    Do you know if NCU will be open tomorrow?

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      We haven’t heard yet. The school will post any closures on its website: http://www.nwcu.edu/

  9. Angel Shaffer says:

    Is there any word about Relief Nursery being closed tomorrow?

  10. Donia says:

    Will Linn Benton Community College be open on Tuesday, October 10, 2013? Thank you.

  11. Susanna Hamilton says:

    WREN’s Wetland Wander at Golden Gardens Ponds on Tuesday, December 10th is cancelled. We look forward to seeing you in January.

  12. samantha rehder says:

    will lcc be closed Tuesday the 10th?

  13. tom says:

    Does junction city have school Thursday need to know don’t
    T want to drive if don’t hAve to

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