Customers Catch Eugene Robbery Suspect

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EUGENE, Ore. — A suspected robber had his plans foiled, thanks to some quick-thinking customers.

Police say the customers played a big part in helping catch the suspect after he tried to rob a west Eugene market.

Employees at the Serv-U Market on Barger Drive say this isn’t the first time this has happened to them, and they’re just glad no one was hurt and the suspect got caught.

“I was watching Monday Night Football, and I was right here intent on the screen and everything, and someone came in and I didn’t look until I heard the guy say leave the till open, and that was a red flag,” said Gerry Cook, a store employee.

Employees say 27-year-old Nicholas Fisher had them at gunpoint, and they felt lucky someone on the other side was watching.

“I noticed a man inside with a ski mask on wielding what looked like a gun,” said customer Jeffery Ferre. “It took me a second because you don’t expect to see something like that, but as soon as I realized what was happening, ski mask and all, I was like, ‘Oh shoot’, and belted out of the truck as soon as he took off running.”

But everyone else wasn’t far behind.

“He left his gun on the counter, so I ran around and grabbed the gun and bolted out the door and shot the gun, and it turned out to be a bb gun and the barrel just popped off,” Cook said.

“So I kind of followed everybody, and the other gentleman from the pickup took him down, and I helped keep him there until the police arrived,” said Tracy Paulson, a store employee.

“It took about three or four minutes before the cops showed up, and money was just scattered all over the ground. He had a bunch of cash on hand,” Ferre said.

Employees say officers worked quickly, and they’re grateful.

“It’s a thought in my head, but i’m glad that everything turned out well,” Paulson said.

No one was hurt, and so it was back to work and business as usual Tuesday morning.

Employees say police officers arrived quickly to take Fisher into custody. He is being charged with robbery, theft, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon and coercion.


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  1. mariah langwell says:

    Hello, I’m mariah langwell I am the granddaughter of the store owner. This man is actually a well known customer that comes in frequently. Earlier yesterday he came in with his girlfriend. Then just a few hours later he came back to rob us.

  2. jason marks says:

    The market has a new name now…

    Serve’s You Right ! Market

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