DA Investigates Fundraiser Fraud

DRAIN, Ore. — A family from Drain is dealing with more heartache just months after their son was accidentally shot and killed.

Amber Williams says she and her family have been working with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the district attorney on an investigation into what she says is a fraudulent benefit in the name of her son Austin.

Just days after the accidental death of Austin Lundeen, his mother Amber says someone took advantage of the tragedy.

“There was a person in our community that took that opportunity to make money,” Williams said.

According to Williams, a man who also lives in Drain auctioned off various items using Austin’s pictures and name, saying all benefits would go to Austin’s family.

Austin was accidentally shot and killed on Aug. 29, and Williams says the first fraudulent fundraiser was held at Loggers Tap House in Roseburg on Sept. 5.

“Immediately as soon as my family found out what was going on, they contacted the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department started investigating immediately,” Williams said.

Williams says the investigation is now in the hands of the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office. Anyone who has donated money to any fundraisers in Austin’s name should call police because the family has never had a benefit since his death.

“This has been a very hard time for our family. Losing a child and for somebody to make money off my son using his pictures, his name, and this tragedy. It’s greed,” Williams said. “Having to deal with this has been more painful just because it was malicious. Austin’s death was an accident. What this person did was malicious.”

Williams says Loggers Tap House didn’t know the benefit held there was a fraud. KEZI 9 News did reach out to the man Williams says is responsible, and he denies the allegations but didn’t have any other comments regarding the investigation.

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