Dad Punishes Son for Being Late to School

EUGENE, Ore. — How bad were you punished when you were in high school?

One local parent is making his son share his punishment with everyone in rush-hour traffic.

Drew Davis, a freshman at Sheldon High School, showed up late to school one too many times for his father’s approval, so his dad is making him pay–in public.

“My dad is making me stand out here and I am grounded all summer. I got to stand out here for about three hours,” said Davis.

He stood on the corner of Willakenzie and Coburg Road, holding up a sign that says “I disappointed my dad.”

Friends were there for support to try to make the punishment less severe.

“I think it is pretty funny. I don’t know if my parents would do it, but I think this gives them some ideas,” said friend Ben Olive.

“It is pretty creative. I think it is a pretty good idea. My parents would probably do something like this, but I would not have an iPod or phone,” said friend Jonny Schedrick.

A few parents took some notes as well.

“I think that it is okay. It is not hurting anyone and he is a little embarrassed and I don’t think it is going to hurt anyone. He might learn something and maybe I will try it myself in the future,” said parent Amy Olive.

Davis says his dad is making him stand out on the corner until 7 p.m. Thursday.

Davis says he learned his lesson and will always show up to school on time.

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