Daisy Ducks Give Team Secret Ingredient

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EUGENE, Ore. — The University of Oregon football team takes on the University of South Dakota Saturday.

What many don’t realize is Oregon gets a little boost loaded with love. Come half-time, the team brings out its secret ingredient–Rice Krispies treats.

Since 2009, the Oregon Daisy Ducks booster group has been making homemade treats for the team for all home and away games. For each game, about 40 women sign up to make them.

“This is the secret. If you notice at half time our guys come out more energized, we’ve given them sugar are carbs and lots of love,” said Marci Farthing, Daisy Ducks Football Chair.

The Daisy Ducks make homemade goodies for all sports teams and coaches, but the football team is the only team that gets the Rice Krispies treats.

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