Daisy Ducks Serve Up Support for UO Athletes

EUGENE, Ore. — Monday morning, hours before game three in the Super Regional, Janet Essig is in her kitchen mixing up the American classic that’s got a lot of crunch: Rice Crispy Treats.

She belongs to the Daisy Ducks–established in 1972. Boasting now 210 members who not only attend games, they offer a little touch of home to Oregon athletes and coaches.

“To be a Daisy Duck is so unbelievable, such an honor,” Essig said

About five years ago, the group started baking home goods. Now they bake cookies and other goodies for 18 Oregon teams. So far this year, the Daisy Ducks made more than 25,000 cookies for the players.

Whenever there’s an away game, players are sent off with homemade treats.

Monday’s Super Regional happens to be home at PK Park.

“This is a surprise to do these today because nobody really expected to have a third baseball playoff today,” Essig said.

So she and two other Daisy Ducks are baking up a special batch to keep the players nourished in what is a do-or-die game.

Essig hopes these treats might be the secret ingredient to land the Ducks in the College World Series.

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