Dalmation Helps Teach Fire Safety

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EUGENE, Ore. — Deputy Fire Marshal Amy Linder arrives at work she comes prepared. In her trailer is everything needed to teach fire safety including a larger-than-life smoke detector. Trailing right behind her is Casey, a one-year-old Dalmation.

The Eugene and Springfield fire departments are ready to unleash Casey, their new fire-prevention tool, who will be helping Linder to teach children to stop, drop and roll and to crawl below the smoke line. He’s even working on a trick where he dials 9-1-1.

“Dalmatians are amazing. They are known as coach dogs, so back in the days of horse drawn carriages, the Dalmatian would run out in front looking for things ahead, clearing the way,” said Linder.

Casey was also recently certified as a therapy dog, so he’ll be making the rounds at local hospitals. The educational services Linder provides with Casey is provided as a service from the city for local schools and day cares.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Great story Sean! And so cute!

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