Damaged Tree Turned into Art

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — An apartment complex manager and a local artist are making the best out of a disastrous situation, by turning a damaged tree in Corvallis into a work of art, one cut at a time.

The Oak Vale Apartments manager says the weight of snow during last winter’s storms caused a few of the oak tree’s limbs to fall.

He was told he needed to take it down for safety reasons, but instead of removing the entire tree, he decided to give something back to the community, by turning the tree into a piece of art.

David Hillesland of Oregon Chainsaw Sculptures was hired to turn the nearly 300-year-old oak tree into a piece of art.

However, carving animals into a tree isn’t an easy task. He’s been sawing away at the sculpture for about three weeks now.

He uses everything from chainsaws and chisels, to grinders and sanders.

He’s already carved ten masterpieces, including a raccoon, squirrel, and mama bear and cub.

He’s now putting the finishing touches on the wood spirit, the piece that’ll bring the entire sculpture together as one.

“The idea is for this apartment community to become one full community and that’s the whole idea behind this sculpture is to really present a sense of community,” said Oregon Chainsaw Sculptures President David Hillesland.

Once he’s done with the wood spirit, Hillesland will carve an owl and a bear cave entrance into the tree.

There are plans to add some smaller animals in the wood spirit’s beard as well as a carved wooden swing on one of the limbs within the next month or so.

To see more of Hillesland’s work, head to www.Oregonchainsawsculptures.com.

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