Victim’s Mother Reacts To Plea

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield mother is reacting to the plea agreement made by Dana Bishop in a Springfield courtroom Monday.

Dana Bishop was accused of spying on his neighbor with a camera he had pointed at her bedroom window.

The victim’s mother, Chrystal Stutesman, says she was in the courtroom Monday when Dana Bishop made his guilty plea.

Stutesman’s attorney, Ed Spinney, says Bishop pleaded guilty to invasion of privacy.

Spinney says the plea agreement states Bishop will get 35 days with time served, 3 years probation and 100 hours of community service.

Stutesman says the whole process has been frustrating and says the law against videotaping minors is lacking.

She says her family came to the realization this was the best they could get.

“One thing that made us feel better about this situation was at least to hear him plead guilty rather than have to go through the court process and hope he is found guilty,” said Stutesman. “There was some sense in justice in hearing him stand up and say he was guilty for this because we knew he was.”

The Stutesmans also agreed they would not file a civil lawsuit against Bishop.

The family says they will attend the sentencing on December 4, and looks forward to giving statements in the courtroom.

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  1. don says:

    Bishop, of his own free will, went to the neighbors home and asked them to put curtains on the window because his “security camera”, (on his home), could see into the room.

    That’s what tragically started this whole thing. Bishop asking his neighbor to put curtains on their child’s window.

    And for that he was crucified in the media.
    The worst was thought of every innocent statement he made.

    The police had no evidence that Bishop was videotaping their daughter.
    The police took all his computer equipment, camera’s and found no video or pictures!

    This was a witch hunt. The law had to have their pound of flesh.

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