Danebo Elementary Receives Green School Award

By Kelsey Card

EUGENE, Ore. — Danebo Elementary students are trying to get rid of waste the best ways they can.

There’s a school-wide effort focusing on recycling and educating kids about going green.

Because of these efforts, the school just received an Oregon Green School Award.

It’s the latest of the Bethel schools to receive the award. Four others are also “green schools”.

School administrators say one teacher, Courtney List, is the driving force behind the school’s lean to green.

“We have a lot of goals that we want to try to accomplish, but we’re taking small steps there. I think our ultimate goal is to produce as little waste as possible, to recycle as much as possible,” List said.

List led a waste audit, gathering data and rallying students and staff to employ green practices.

For all her effort she got a $500 check from the Oregon Green Schools Association.

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