Dari Mart Burglaries Photos Released

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two River Road Dari Mart stores were burglarized just one day apart, and the Lane County Sheriff’s Office believes the same thieves are responsible for both crimes.

The store at 3620 River Road was the first one hit back on July 6, and deputies say the suspects caused substantial structural and financial damage.

The sheriff’s office released photos taken from store surveillance video. From what deputies can tell there were at least two men taking part in the robberies, allegedly breaking in through the windows of both stores.

Sergeant Carrie Carver says the office doesn’t have the resources to investigate property crimes right now, so it hopes the photos might prompt help from the public.

“Kind of the same methodology in both burglaries, so that’s what leads us to believe it’s the same person, but the damage you have to your store when somebody breaks into it is huge, and then you add stolen merchandise on top of that,” said Carver said.

Carver says the suspects got away with mostly beer and cigarettes, but the broken windows seem to be the most expensive result of the thefts.

Deputies ask that you call them at 541-682-4141 if you recognize anyone in the photos.

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