Daughter Pleads For Info On Missing Mom

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore.– It’s been nearly two weeks since Tammy Borda was last seen. Cottage Grove Police is investigating her disappearance. With each passing day, the family grows more and more concerned.

Tammy lives in Beaverton with her daughter, but was visiting family in Cottage Grove for the Thanksgiving holiday. No one has seen her since December 2.

Tammy’s daughter, Markie Borda says she talked with her mom’s ex-boyfriend. He says Tammy left his home with her bags on Dec. 2.

Markie says she’s concerned because her mom is disabled. She can’t drive and wouldn’t just walk away. Tammy also walks with a limp.

Cottage Grove police say Tammy did spend time with her ex-boyfriend, but Markie says they’re only telling her that the department’s investigating the case.

Her family is baffled as to what could have happened to her.

“This is extremely emotional for me,” said Markie. “This is very out of character because she is a extremely family oriented woman. She loves her two grandchildren. I have a 4 and 6 month old and this is my 6 months old’s first Christmas and she was looking forward to that.”

The family says at this point they haven’t been told of any leads and they really just want to bring her home. Markie says she’s ¬†even considering trying to arrange her own search party in Cottage Grove.

If you have any information on Tammy’s disappearance call police.

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