David Ray Taylor Sentenced to Death

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EUGENE, Ore. — An emotional day in court as a family comes face to face with the man convicted of murdering their loved one. The family of Celestino Gutierrez didn’t hold back Tuesday as they addressed David Ray Taylor.

Taylor was officially sentenced to death Tuesday for the killing and torture of 22-year-old Gutierrez.

Gutierrez’s family’s statements were strong and made it very clear that the family wanted to see the death sentence executed.

“My son has nothing available to him anymore, he’ll never smile again, he will never celebrate another birthday, he’ll never be with his family again,” said mother Rose Gutierrez.

A heartbroken mother is left without her son Celestino Gutierrez, or to them Tino. A son she says loved his family more than anything.

“Our happiness is limited always by that next thought Tino is not here. Tino was taken; I only imagine his last minutes of his life,” Rose Gutierrez said.

On Tuesday Rose Gutierrez came face to face with the man who murdered her son, David Ray Taylor. She looked straight at Taylor and told him he should just kill himself.

Tino’s father told him he hopes Taylor rots in hell.

Taylor sat stoic in the hearing, nodding occasionally after family members would speak.

“I have been waiting for this moment for a long time to tell him what I thought of him. I don’t have any tears for him,” Rose Gutierrez said.

The jury unanimously voted to sentence Taylor to death, and the judge reaffirmed that sentence Tuesday.

One juror says it was the right sentence, but sending someone to death row is a heavy burden to bear.

“It was unanimous, but I don’t think anyone has convicted anyone easily. But the evidence was so strong, it was an easy answer deciding he needed to go away. He should have never got out years ago. It was a shame he killed someone years ago and got out again,” said juror Timothy Palmer.

The Gutierrez family says they want to grow and move forward from this unthinkable crime and they have a message for Governor Kitzhaber.

“All the hard work that the state has done really means nothing if Governor Kitzhaber does not uphold the constitution,” said brother Jeff Gutierrez.

“If we carry out the death sentences maybe there will be a hope in life that the next person they may stop and think about it before they do it,” said father Tino Gutierrez.

“It’s time that we turn the corner and start taking care of the David Ray Taylor’s of the world,” Rose Gutierrez said.

The Gutierrez’s world will forever be filled with missing and remembering their son Tino.

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