De-Icer Truck Involved in I-5 Crash

AZALEA, Ore. — An ODOT de-icer truck, working to keep roads safe, was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on northbound I-5 is south of Azalea in Southern Oregon.

ODOT says vehicles passing in the fast lane lost control and struck the de-icer truck.

ODOT asks drivers to use extreme caution in the current winter conditions and make sure you provide plenty of distance especially near emergency response vehicles, de-icer trucks and snow plows.


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  1. Marilyn Zuest says:

    You see a de-icer truck so you drive like heck to get around it???? Darn de-icer truck had no business holding up traffic just to make driving conditions better.

    1. Marilyn Zuest says:

      This was a tongue in cheek comment I posted. People have no respect for the lives of others let alone there own.

  2. Michael Adams says:

    Obviously you have no business driving on the roads period as you cannot respect driving laws and the efforts of others to keep the roads as safe as possible. I hope you are not driving, seriously, for the sake of others out there.

    1. Karen Peters says:

      Obviously you have no business posting comments on this site period as you cannot recognize or comprehend sarcasim when you see it. Seriously, for the sake of others out there I hope you do not comment regularly.

  3. Sue Daulton says:

    I have been reading some of these posts regarding the deicing truck and am appalled
    at amount of people that are in such a hurry, their brain stops working altogether. Common sense should tell you not to pass if the road is bad enough to require deicing!!!

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