OSP Rebuilding Deadly Crash

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UPDATE: Oregon State Police is continuing the investigation into the cause of Monday evening’s fatal motorcycle crash in the Veneta.

Troopers say around 5:40 p.m. Ross John Stang, 29, of Veneta, was driving his motorcycle westbound on Bolton Hill Road near 8th Street. Stang failed to safely negotiate through a right curve, traveled across the eastbound lane and struck a curb. Stang was ejected from the motorcycle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

VENETA, Ore. — Oregon State Police is investigating a deadly motorcycle crash that killed a man Monday.

Troopers say the wreck happened around 6 p.m.  in the area of Bolton Hill Road and 8th Street in. Accident reconstruction crews were out at the scene working to figure out what happened.

Neighbors say the driver may have been speeding, but OSP hasn’t confirmed that’s what happened.


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  1. Jim B says:

    I live in Veneta, and have been listening to this guys bike ripping around Veneta for the past two weeks. Judging by the sound of the rpm’s yes he was speeding. Very annoying, and disrespectful, but that’s pretty common in Veneta, land of no laws. I’m surprised the cause of death wasn’t someone’s garden rake wrapped around his neck. One down many more to go.

    1. Julia B says:

      This was a very good man your so carelessly talking about! Have some respect for the dead and someone that is loved more then you could ever comprehend! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    2. Kendra says:

      You should think before you speak, he was someone’s son, someone’s father, everyone’s friend and a hard working man. You should be ashamed of yourself, seeing as I am sure you have never made a single mistake or had any sort of fun in your life!

    3. Jamie says:

      Regardless of how any of you say he was driving, he was a wonderful person! A GREAT friend to many of us, a wonderful father, and he would NEVER have put anyone elses’ life in danger! NO one like this man deserves what he got! No one is condoning his driving at all. There is just no need for disrespecting someone who just lost their life, and someone WE all lost from OUR lives! Have some respect!!

      1. B says:

        No one is saying he wasn’t a great person or loved by many but this article is about the INVESTIGATION of him SPEEDING which is what we are commenting about with that said he was doing 55+mph and still accelerating in a 35mph area where there were children everywhere not to mention when you drive like that you are putting any other driver on the road in DANGER I know I don’t want on be on the road when there is someone driving insane. (if he wanted to have fun he should’ve gone on one of the 50 remote rds we have around Veneta not in the middle of town)

      2. B says:

        Also the article states that he did not safely negotiate the corner and traveled through the eastbound lane (he was driving westbound). He could have hit someone head on and killed them that to me is putting other peoples lives in DANGER so don’t say he would never put anyone else’s life in danger because driving that way endangered any driver on that road or any people walking on the sidewalk not to mention it put his life in danger obviously. The way he was driving was pure stupidity!

  2. Britt says:

    I live in Veneta and happened to see him while I was on the way to my daughters tball game he started speeding (50+ mph) down territorial hwy and purposely swerving. A few minutes later I see him doing about 65 mph and still accelerating on Bolton hill rd right next to the tball fields where tons of kids are crossing the street to get to the game! I’m am sure he was a great man but when you drive like that what more can you expect.

  3. Jennel says:

    Talk about disrespectful… Someone just died, and you are talking crap. Wow.

    1. William says:

      Did anyone happen to mention that it was not even his motorcycle and he was riding it without permission? Besides riding wrecklessly, he was riding illegally. Bad choices…..sad.

      1. Lori says:

        William you should check your facts before you speak. The young man had just purchased the bike that day. It is a shame when people say things they no nothing about. He was a good man, a father, son and friend to many and did not ask for this. He lost his life and we all lost someone we love.

        1. John smith says:

          William is correct. I know for proven fact that the bike was not through being impounded and was not legal to be ridden. Check your facts Lori

  4. Stephanie says:

    This is a friend of mine that we are all speaking about and yes he was an amazing individual that obviously made some bad choices on Monday. I’m not sure what more that you want him to give for his mistake, what more can you give other than your life? I am thankful that no one else was hurt because yes, I realize the danger in driving that way. As a parent, I wouldn’t have been happy to see that going on outside of my son’s game either, however let this be said, the first comment in this thread written by Jim B is completely out of line, inaccurate, disrespectful and completely disgusting for someone to say that he is “one rider down and many more to go”. Shame on you, You must be a really miserable, nasty person to think that way, let alone o type that up and post it in a public place. Let me also state, since you are such a motorcycle expert that you know that you’ve heard him for the last couple weeks, and can tell that it was the same guy “ripping around”, you are again wrong. He didn’t have this bike a couple weeks ago, in fact, sadly, he’d only had the bike for a few hours before he died on it. So instead of running your nasty mouth, perhaps you should keep it shut and let the people who loved him grieve in peace. In the meantime, I certainly hope that you get what’s coming to you.

    1. Shelly Taylor says:

      Wow Stephanie,sounds like you are the really miserable, nasty person. Ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black? Whatever you believe to be the truth, the fact is your friend killed himself being stupid. He may not have had “this bike” a couple of weeks ago, but we all know he had “A” bike. There are always consequences to our actions, that’s the truth, deal with it. If you want to be mad at someone, perhaps you should be mad at your friend, not at others for speaking the truth.

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