Deadly Domestic Abuse in Lane County

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EUGENE, Ore. – Tammy Borda is one of three women in Western Oregon who have allegedly been murdered by a partner or ex-partner in the past month. Casey Wright was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend in Springfield last month. Then Tammy Borda was reportedly murdered by an ex-boyfriend in Cottage Grove, and police say Jacquelin Marroquin was killed by a longtime boyfriend in Harrisburg.

It’s difficult to fathom these deaths and the pain family and friends of the three women are going through. Volunteers were so upset Thursday that they left their offices on Pearl and 16th in downtown Eugene where they held signs to let people know they are ready to help.

Womenspace Executive Director Peggy Whalen points to the most dangerous point in a relationship. “It sounds like in all of these situations people were leaving or in the process of leaving the relationship and that is the most dangerous and deadly time and so what we at womenspace can do is safety plan.”

Whalen said that if you are aware of any domestic abuse situation – no matter how small – you should reach out to them for assistance. They can be found by simply clicking HERE.

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Freedom First Firearms Academy in Junction City offers free self defense classes for women in abusive relationships. (We do NOT offer gun classes while a woman is still IN the relationship, but we do offer martial arts defense classes.) Once a woman has left the relationship and made a commitment to move on, we offer them free firearm/concealed carry classes.We can be found on the web and on Facebook!

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