Death Investigation Continues After Fire

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EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County sheriff’s deputies have been on the scene of a River Road house fire since Tuesday afternoon. They still won’t confirm whether the death investigation is criminal.

Detectives say they’re waiting on a cause of death from the medical examiner before they can move forward with their investigation.

A body was found in the house when crews responded to a fire at the residence. What’s still unknown is who the person was or what killed the victim–the fire or something else. So far investigators have one burnt body but no idea who it is or how it happened.

“Right now we’re just anxiously awaiting more information so we can continue to investigate,” said Sgt. Carrie Carver, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Lane County deputies aren’t the only ones wondering what happened at the house. Neighbors around the corner on Greenleaf Avenue are curious too.

“I had heard that somebody was deceased and so I figured it was not a normal death, or they wouldn’t have been out there that long,” said neighbor Penny.

So far, all neighbors know are rumors, that more than just a fire happened at that house Tuesday. Neighbors say the possibility of criminal activity is quite out of character for their cul-de-sac and has them a little on edge.

“It makes me feel a little nervous, for the safety of my kids, just knowing that it’s that close to where I live,” said neighbor Mike.

“It’s scary because I have never had any fear of anything in this neighborhood. It’s always been great, and then all of a sudden, this,” said neighbor Betty.

Thanks to the flames, we may not know what happened for some time.

“A fire in any sort of situation makes a scene extremely difficult to work. You’ve got safety factors that need to be taken into consideration on top of everything else, so that’s probably going to prolong the length of this case, unfortunately,” Carver said.

Investigators expect to have more details Thursday morning at the earliest. But until they can determine the nature of the case, they will treat the house as a crime scene to preserve any evidence that might help them solve a potential case.


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  1. Cynthia Bartram says:

    I drove past this house to drop my daughter off at school at 7:55am. The house at that time had the white police van out front with an officer tapping off the house and sidewalk with caution tape in the morning. So something was happening before the afternoon. The house was still being taped off when I drove back home at 8:15am. There was a single police car in front of the house on the road with the white van. So it wasn’t this afternoon, it was happening since before 7:55am.

  2. Maggie Lew says:

    I live next door and don’t feel a threat at all. And we live on a busy street not a cul-de-sac and I don’t feel like this was a random incident, so there is really no need to feel unsafe. I think the police are doing their job and investigating the best they can. I hope they get to the bottom of the situation soon…b/c although it is sad and tragic…I don’t like having to ask permission to leave my house b/c our driveway is blocked.

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