Death Investigation, Suspect in Custody

EUGENE, Ore. – Eugene police continued their investigation into the death of a man, Friday evening.

EPD says it was called out to a fight on the 2200 block of Roosevelt Boulevard.

Dana Stuckey, a neighbor, says she heard a lot of commotion outside as she was playing with her kids. When she went over to see what was going on, she saw a man riding away on his bike.

Not long after, she heard someone performing CPR and her friend asked if they needed help.

EPD says despite efforts to revive the man, he was reported dead at scene.

“I was already on the phone with 911, talked to the dispatcher or whatever; but as I was on with 911, I think everybody was so scared that they didn’t know what we were trying to say to them,” Stuckey said.

“We’re able to determine where the location of the possible suspect was and our officers responded to that location and they have one person in custody at this point,” said Lt. Sam Kamkar, Eugene Police Department.

Police have yet to release the name of the victim.

The violent crimes unit is taking over the investigation.

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  1. Michael says:

    I drove by this crime scene. That neighborhood is always having problems, they should always have cops patrolling the neighborhood.

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