Debate Over Possible Student Housing

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A debate over student housing is heating up in Corvallis.

Wednesday night, the city planning division held a public hearing to listen to testimony about the possible development near Harrison Boulevard. The debate? What to do with the 95 acres between Harrison and Circle Boulevard.

The City Planning Commission says the land is currently zoned for open space and for up to 57 acres of residential building.

Campus Crest Communities applied to develop for student housing, but many people have told the city they don’t like the plans for various reasons.

“There are concerns about the public street that would be extended through this site. Circle Boulevard would be extended to connect to Harrison in conjunction with this development,” said Kevin Young, Planning Division Manager.

Young says others are concerned about the disruption to the wetlands, and an increase in traffic. Others say there is not enough single-family housing available in town, and the land should be developed for other types of housing instead of student apartments.

But Young says with the increase in Oregon State University enrollment, the lack of student housing is a city-wide problem, and this apartment plan would house 900 students.

The city will hold another hearing on Sept. 23 at LaSells Stewart Center at 7 p.m. The public is welcome to attend.

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