Debating Future of S. Willamette St.

5-19 Willamette St.EUGENE, Ore. — A big turnout as the city of Eugene continues to debate the future direction of south Willamette Street.

Dozens of people signed up to speak at Monday’s Eugene City Council meeting.

The city’s mulling over three options for Willamette St. between 24th and 32nd Avenues. A majority of the people at the meeting opted for the third choice.

That option includes one lane of travel in each direction, a center turn lane and bike lanes.

Councilors could opt for a test run which will give the city a better idea of how to rework the street.

“All we’re doing is restriping the street,” said Eugene city councilor Alan Zelenka. “It doesn’t take very long. The test will actually bare witness to whether who’s camp is basically right.”

Councilors say this test would give them a good barometer of what works, without having to improve the sidewalks.

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  1. U2 says:

    Would you trust your wallet with a stranger? Then why would you trust them with your life?

    The level of carelessness and arrogance observed on the road points to an overwhelming school of thought amongst pedestrians and cyclists that all to often make hazardous choices trusting others with their lives. You must take responsibility for your own welfare, safety, choices whomever you are and what ever locomotion you employ.

    I bike and walk, don’t own a car, and have commuted by biking or walking far more than I ever drove. I analyzed Eugene streets and bought an appropriate bike with appropriate tires instead of constantly bitching about the city and the streets. I rarely ever go on busy streets because with the current system of bike paths and routes I don’t have too, doing so is a choice and competing with auto traffic is hazardous. Why in the hell would I want to huff exhaust while riding and exponentialize my physical risk?

    No lanes or paint on the road will ever protect you from THE STUPID. THE STUPID levels are dangerously high out there these days and it must be understood that it comes from ALL quarters, ALL.

    Now the STUPID employs attention avoidance with cell phones, ear-buds, prescription and non-prescription drugs, arrogance, entitlement, you name it because it’s always someone else that’s supposed to be looking out for you.

    Not a good method to use when playing in traffic. Pay attention, don’t be arrogant, and stop placing your life in a stranger’s hands.

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