Deception Complex 53% Contained

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WILLAMETTE NATIONAL FORESTĀ — Evacuation orders are in place for La Duke Road, the Deception Creek Mobile Home Park, and the Middle Fork Ranger Station, due to the Deception Creek Complex Fires.

Despite the slightly better conditions, as of Thursday afternoon, more than 1800 acres have fallen to the flames, really pushing the 24 crews, four dozers and nine helicopters just outside of Oakridge trying to contain and put out this fire.

The Deception Creek Complex is actually made up of about three different fires, forced together by the terrain. Each of them started up by the lightning storms a few weeks ago. Though many have already left, some residents are determined to keep a close eye on their homes.

“My husband stayed home yesterday from work when it obviously started coming over to our side of the hill, and I’m glad he did because we have the charcoal debris that hit the house and the property, and he kept the roof wet and the perimeter wet, and it’s my turn today,” said Deb Borton, who lives near the fire.

Smoke has blanketed the surrounding area. Lane County Emergency Management has opened up a break room from the smoke at the Oakridge Willamette Activity Center on School Street. That will remain open until Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The fire is impacting recreation areas too. All the trails in the affected region are completely closed. For a full list of those as well as which are still open, click here.

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