DeFazio, Piercy Talk Global Warming


EUGENE, Ore. — Congressman Peter DeFazio and Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy want to clear the air.

Along side students at the University of Oregon Thursday, they were trying to raise awareness about a new proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA wants new regulations for American power plants and they’ve opened a 60-day period for citizens to comment.

If the regulations are enacted, no new coal-fired power plants would be built in the US.

DeFazio says he’s seen regulations work and he believes they’re necessary to help stop global warming.

“We capped it,” DeFazio said. “We reduced it. We gave them a schedule to reduce it – and we fined them if they didn’t meet those goals. The President wants to do the same thing about power plant emissions. This will be a huge struggle. You need to get everybody out there!”

The talk was organized by OSPIRG and Environment Oregon.

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  1. musicman60 says:

    hey peter and kitty why dont you go back and screw up the states where your from and leave us alone i am a forth gen here get out of this great state

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