DeFazio Re-elected for 14th Term

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EUGENE, Ore. –One of the races watched closely Tuesday night was between incumbent U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio (D) and challenger Art Robinson (R).

DeFazio will serve as Oregon’s District Four Representative for a 14th term. He took almost 81,000 of the votes to Art Robinson’s 38,000, about 35 percent more than his competitor.

DeFazio says he looks forward to making this next congressional session more productive that the last.

“Let’s pass my bill to reform the postal service not kill it, lets talk about asking the wealthiest among us, and the big cooperations to pay their fair share to begin to deal with the deficit. Let’s look at a whole host of problems confronting this country and stop playing politics,” said Rep. Peter DeFazio (D).

As for the presidential race, DeFazio is excited to see President Obama re-elected, something he believes will help the productive 113th congressional session he’s looking forward to.


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  1. Smitty says:

    Hopefully this will send a final message to that self-aggrandizing, tea-bagging sociopath Robinson that we are not interested in him or his ilk representing the great state of Oregon. Just.Go.Away

  2. quart says:

    Here goes another 4 years down the drain…

  3. Dzynrbob says:

    Democrat…Republican…..doesn’t matter. Since Johnson in the 60’s they all continue to spend Social Security income on the general fund. That theft isn’t going to “change”. They’ll keep doing and pass the bill on to the next generations. I am so ashamed of Oregon and America. The entitlement crowds have bred like rabbits and now we officially have mob rule. Uneducated Democrats and Republicans…………….even those with PHD’s………….fail to comprehend the future implications of their actions. Time to fold up tent, call it a day, do your own thing, and try and stay away from the big government, big labor, and big business axis of evil. Those of us in small business would be better served going entirely ‘off the books’ and into a black market scenario.

  4. Edm. Hunt. says:


    Your comment of Robinson being “a sociopath” is inappropriate. I disagree with Mr. DeFazio greatly on at least one issue–abortion–but I would not call him names like that. I have personally met Mr Robinson, and he is a reasonable, thoughtful person. Everyone moans and groans about “partisan politics”, but your kind of remark is an example of the problem that both the left-wing (dems) and right-wing (republicans) engage in . People are complex, society is even more complex, and the solutions are subject to people’s guesswork as to what will work best. Mr DeFazio and Mr Robinson have both given it their best shot. Let’s at least give each other credit for thoughtfulness. This kind of open disrespect invalidates whatever is good on whichever side exercises it. Is hatred a better on one side or another? No.

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