Defense Calls Another Gynecologist in Swartout Trial

January 26, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — The defense in a Springfield baby murder case attempted to poke holes in the police investigation.

Angelica Swartout is charged with smothering her baby and dumping him in the dumpster.

The defense pressed some members of the Springfield Police Department about why officers didn’t look for blood in the bathroom and why certain records from the hotel on the day of the alleged crime weren’t obtained.

A couple of officers testified in depth about the investigation defending their method of evidence collection.

The defense also called its own gynecologist who examined Swartout to testify as to whether she could tell if she’d given birth. Dr. Linda Harris contradicted a doctor who testified Wednesday that more evidence pointed to a birth.

“The physical exam in my mind did not conclusively show evidence of a vaginal birth or even more likely than not I also have to concede to Dr. Edwards I can’t tell you 100 percent it did not happen,” Dr. Harris said.

A detective with the Oregon State Police testified that she administered a polygraph test on Swartout. She said the results were inconclusive.

Late in the testimony Thursday evening detective George Crolly with the Springfield Police Department testified that in an interview with Swartout she admitted to suffocating the baby.

Rebecca Martin a detective with the Oregon State Police testified that she administered a polygraph test on Swartout.

“I asked her was the baby alive when it was born she answered no, was that baby alive when it was born in October, she answered no and do know for sure where that baby is now she answered no,” said Martin went on to say. “There was no decision made because there was too much inconsistent data during the test.”

On Friday jurors will be watching some sort of videos presented by police, possibly of interviews with Swartout.

For most of the trial, Swartout has sat calm, occasionally wiping away tears mostly during testimony given by her family.

Testimony continues again Friday.

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