Defense Interrogates Investigators in Swartout Case

January 30, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — After a weekend break, jurors in the Angelica Swartout murder are back listening to more testimony.

Swartout is accused of smothering her baby and dumping him in a dumpster.

The defense called a number of its witnesses Monday who back up claims that Swartout may not have been pregnant.

The defense called a handful of Springfield police officers and questioned them about being called out to the Crossland Motel the same night the alleged murder took place on an unrelated warrant.

Officers testified they were called there about 8:30 p.m. and that the night didn’t conjure up many memories.

The defense also called a former lover of Swartout’s who testified that he has sex with Swartout when she was supposed to be pregnant and he never observed a pregnant woman.

Other friends testified they had their own doubts about the pregnancy.

An adopted brother was asked about life in the Swartout residence which consisted of dozens of adopted children. He detailed drugs, sex and acceptance toward the pregnant woman.

On Friday, jurors viewed some crucial evidence presented by the prosecution of swartout confessing to the baby’s murder during an interview conducted by Springfield police.

The defense says this was a false confession given under pressure by police.

A Springfield officer told KEZI there is a good chance Swartout may be called to the stand to testify in her defense possibly as early as Tuesday.

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