Defense Rests Case in Gillette Trial

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EUGENE, Ore. — The defense has rested its case in the Johan Gillette double murder trial.

On Tuesday, former co-workers of James Gillette, who worked as a Eugene firefighter, took the stand along with an ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife.

The first of the last witnesses called to the stand were former colleagues of James Gillette. They testified on a number of incidents where they say James Gillette lashed out and became explosive, even delivering death threats.

Johan Gillette is charged with murdering his father, James, and his dad’s partner former UO School of Music Dean Anne McLucas.

The prosecution claims Johan used a wrench to beat them, then used bleach to cover up those crimes.

Robert Barnes, a former fire captain in the late 1970s says he witnessed signs of child abuse by James Gillette towards Johan, like one incident where James left Johan up on a chin-up bar, without any help.

Richard Force, another former captain, testified James showed up to work with a beat up car, got out and continued to beat it with a hammer. Another firefighter says James threatened his life.

“I said considering your behavior here Jim, how is it that you’re able to continue working at the fire department?” said Gale Sperry, former Eugene firefighter.

“And what was his response?” asked defense attorney Mark Sabitt.

“Jim walked up to me and got in my face, got his ugly face on, we called it, and said ‘Any son of a b**** that would get me fired from this job I’ll keep ‘em,'” Sperry said.

James Gillette’s ex-wife, Geraldine Gillette, also took the stand Tuesday afternoon¬†on a number of a occasions where James Gillette lost his temper.

One of those incidents was a camping trip where James became angry and threw a cooler which dented the family car. She also testified on an incident with James throwing carton of milk at her.

“I had Johan on my knees. I was burping him, and Jim was drinking out of a milk carton in the kitchen and became angry and threw the milk carton at me and hit me in the knees, and the top part of it hit Johan in the cheek, making him cry,” said Geraldine Gillette.

James Gillette’s former girlfriend, Micki Jo Dwelley, also took the stand. She testified on one instance when James picked her up by the throat and rammed his forehead into her nose and face. Dwelley says James broke her nose in that incident and she had to get stitches, and Johan was in the house when that incident occurred.

Johan’s brother, James Gillette, also came back to the stand Tuesday for some bombshell testimony against his father.¬†He testified on an incident where a man who was left to watch the boys when they were young sexually abused him. He told the jury that he and his brother Johan told their dad what happened, but he says James Gillette told them not to tell anyone.

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