Delays Expected During Road Work Downtown

May 20, 2012

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — Folks throughout Eugene and Springfield should expect a little more traffic than normal in some areas starting Monday.

At least nine areas in Eugene are scheduled for road repairs.

Public Works officials said that the work at the downtown intersections along Jefferson and Washington streets may be the most troublesome to navigate.

“I totally know where to go. I can’t go up cross 10th Street and Broadway’s gonna be hard. So I cross Monroe and go up to 12th,” said downtown resident David Wilson.

Most downtown residents knew exactly how to navigate through the familiar road signs.

Downtown resident Kevin Guderjahn said, “Construction is pretty regular. This year it may be a little more than we’ve had in the last five or so, but it’s nothing new.”

Most of Kevin’s neighbors agreed that construction this time of year was no surprise.

“It’s pretty much every summer that there’s some road or other getting torn up. I don’t think it’s a major inconvenience. You just have to adapt,” said downtown resident Lark Wadsworth.

And many were actually glad to see repairs finally being done on these particular roads.

Downtown resident Loretta Kremp said, “It’s sorely needed. It’s a little bit annoying, as with any road construction, but it’s gonna be worth it in the end.”

Residents weren’t too concerned, but were local shops worried at all?

13th Avenue Market worker Jacob Hutchins said, “Not that I’ve noticed. Most of our customers are foot traffic.”

Hot Mama’s Wings worker Kara Baker said, “I haven’t really noticed much of a difference other than I’ve changed my route to work. I used to take Jefferson, but now I started to take Lawrence. A few more stop signs, but it takes me around the traffic.”

Most businesses didn’t notice any slow down other than on the roads themselves.

The biggest complaint we got was about the impatience some people expressed with the work and traffic and noise that come with it.

Wilson said, “We’re not a big city. They think there’s so much congestion here all the time and there isn’t…We’re in Eugene. Everything’s local. Centered. Boom.”

A few areas in Springfield are also scheduled for work. Hayden Bridge at 31st street will have delays of at least 15 minutes during road maintenance and Jasper Road will be closed from Clearwater Lane to Mount Vernon starting May 21st through August 31.

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