Democrats Open New Campaign Office

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EUGENE, Ore. — With Election Day less than two months away, local Obama supporters were making their presence known in Eugene on Sunday.

Democratic leaders celebrated the opening of a new campaign office Sunday afternoon.

The building dedication was a big event for the party’s supporters. U.S. representative Peter DeFazio made an appearance to give his opinions on this year’s presidential candidates.

The new office belongs to the state-based group Organizing for America, a grassroots organization committed to re-electing President Obama. Members hope having an office in Eugene will help boost support for democratic leaders across the state and in the White House.

Organizers said with Eugene being the second biggest city in Oregon, their new central location will help them achieve their goals.

“We’re close to the university. We have the new LCC building being built. You have all of the downtown vibrancy that’s going on. So just having it right here in a central location, it draws people in,” said volunteer Kerry Davis.

The office is located in downtown Eugene near the intersection of West 6th and Olive.

During the event, attendees could register to vote as well as sign up for various ways to help out in the campaign process.

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  1. Kim McAuliffe says:

    My son came into your office to get an Obama sign. It is very difficult to convince these disillusioned young voters to support Obama. I finally talked him into giving Obama another chance. He was told that he couldn’t have any bumper stickers or signs unless he paid for them. This is a very POOR policy in an area where you need support and these students don’t have the money to BUY materials. RETHINK YOUR POLICIES. I would expect this of Romney’s campaign buy not OBama. DUMB DUMB DUMB He might vote for Ron Paul……..

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