Democrats Push for Votes All Weekend

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EUGENE, Ore. — The countdown is coming to an end with just two days left until Election Day. Americans are gearing up for Tuesday’s close race. Here in town, local parties have been ramping up their efforts to bring in wins for their team.

Lane County Democrats said the race is tight this year and not just nationally, but here at home too. Oregon candidates traveled throughout the state this weekend, even making a stop in Eugene, to garner those last votes in hopes of coming out with the victory on Election Day.

Political leaders took to the streets, vying for those last votes. Democratic candidates gathered at their campaign office on Lincoln Street to rally supporters and make one last push.

“So many folks get their ballot and it just sits on their kitchen cabinet and they’re thinking about the races and they’re hearing the advertising thinking, ‘I’m gonna vote sooner or later.’ But they lose track of when the election really is, so it’s so important to make a big push this final weekend,” said Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

Campaign volunteers said only 36 percent of Lane County residents are registered to vote. So candidates know their future is in the hands of just over a third of their constituents.

“These last few days are gonna be critical. There are a whole lot of races that are on the line and they’ll be decided by a small number of votes,” said Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.

Volunteer Bob Akins said, “We’re trying to engage our voters, to energize them, excite them about this election.”

Candidates called on their supporters.

“We gotta fight back against the money by turning out the popular vote,” said Peter DeFazio, Oregon House Representative incumbent.

And they’re doing it over the phone and going door to door to make sure Lane County residents know how much their vote matters.

“Your time, your energy really does make a difference in these races and I really appreciate your willingness to come out today even in this glorious Oregon sunshine,” said Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State incumbent.

Though these candidates and volunteers bleed blue, they said their goal is to make sure everyone’s voice, left or right, is heard.

Merkley said, “Citizen participation matters. The issues matter. So, please get that ballot in.”

It’s too late now to mail in your ballots, but you can drop them off to an official ballot drop box near you. To find out where, click here.

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