Demonstrators March in May Day Rally

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EUGENE, Ore. — People all across the country are celebrating May Day Wednesday by rallying for workers rights among other issues.

The day was marked by an historic bill signing in Salem and marches throughout the state.

At the old federal building in downtown Eugene, demonstrators made their way in a march of solidarity from Kesey Square.

This is a day that has been marked worldwide as a day for labor. In recent years though the issue of immigration reform has also been promoted on May Day.

Occupy Eugene says it is there to rally for human rights and health care. Occupy has been very vocal surrounding the rights of people who have no housing, and that too is an issue the group says will be a part of this rally.

Organizers say even the environmental movement and unemployment concerns will find their way into this rally.

“We have an unemployment problem here in Eugene. We have a bunch of college graduates about to graduate in less than a month and really no jobs to come out into. So the recession is still a real subject for a lot of people in Oregon,” said Lauren Regan, Liberties Defense Center Director.

Organizers say while there are a lot of issues here, their main focus is to come together and make their voices heard.

This May Day rally is scheduled to run until 10 p.m. Demonstrators are expected to speak on the issues here until then.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Yes our inemployment in Oregon is around 14 to 15%. But when you go out on street corners dress like a bunch of 3rd world folks who really wants to listen to you. That’s what was and still is wrong with the Occupy group. If you look like crap you will be treated like crap.

    1. ahshucks says:

      Unemployment (correction)

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