Demonstrators Urge Immigration Reform

EUGENE, Ore. — Advocates for immigration reform demonstrated outside of Congressman Peter DeFazio’s office Wednesday.

It was a way for them to thank DeFazio for his previous commitment to immigration reform and to ask for continued support of undocumented workers.

Demonstrators told their personal stories of coming to the United States.

Organizers say the goal is create a better process of allowing undocumented workers to become U.S. citizens.

“This country was built by immigrants, and we need to make sure that everyone has a way to work for their citizenship. We need to make sure that people have their documentation here and that they’re paying taxes,” said Hugo Nicolas, CAUSA organizer.

The group organized its efforts to coincide with a rally in Washington, D.C., calling for similar immigration reform.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Why make it easier for illegal’s to come to the US. They cheat or don’t pay taxes at all. They get federal or state paid programs. Most of the illegal’s that do yard work and odd jobs is paid cash and is not claimed as wages. I suggest for the people that voted for Congressman Peter DeFazio in the future not to vote for him. He supports illegal’s in Oregon and he not concerned about our jobs.

  2. salvaje says:

    hello : i been in the u.s.a for about 13 years , because i love this country, i been learning the rules , i pay my taxes , i work hard every day,,, let me tell you guys this ,is so difficult for has

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