Deputies Identify Body Found in River

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ALBANY, Ore. — The Linn County Sheriff’s Office has identified the man whose body deputies recovered from the Willamette River on Sunday.

Sheriff Bruce Riley says a family discovered the body of 45-year-old Jared Ethan Brown while walking through Bryant Park in Albany Sunday afternoon.

“The body had actually been hung up on some debris about 10 feet from the shoreline,” Riley said.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office examined the body and determined there was no foul play in the death.

Deputies say Brown was a registered sex offender, and was on post-prison supervision. They say he had recently attempted suicide by jumping into a river in the Roseburg area. Detectives say Roseburg Police took Brown to an area hospital for a medical evaluation last month, where he was treated and released.

Riley says he is not sure yet how far Brown may have floated.

“The body had been there for several days – it was in a fair state of decomposition,” he said. “Depending on how fast the current is, it can float some distance, and then often times it gets hung up in brush or floats up on the shore line where it gets discovered.”

Park visitors say though the news of the body recovery surprises them – it won’t stop them from visiting the park in the future.

“It’s always unsettling when you hear news like that,” said Chris Hoopes, who spent time at Bryant Park with his 7-year-old son on Monday. “It’s a great place for the family to come. I feel completely safe bringing my family here.”

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