Deputies & Lights Remain in White City

White-City-250x250WHITE CITY, Ore. — Two important White City Special District budgets were renewed at Wednesday’s Jackson County Board of Commissioners meeting.

The budgets for both the White City Lighting District and Enhanced Law Enforcement were reinstated for another year.

This means Sheriff’s deputies along with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Substation will remain in place, and the street lights along the major thoroughfares through the city will continue to light up.

Jackson County Commissioners said if the budget didn’t pass, street lights would not be able to be turned on and law enforcement would diminish.

However with both continuing another year, they hope to see crime rates decrease in the area.

“Anytime you put lights within a densified urban area it helps detour crime, and every time you have deputies on the street it really does a good job of detouring crime,” said Commissioner Doug Breidenthal, Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

White City is an unincorporated part of Jackson County, meaning residents do not pay city taxes, but they do pay for both special districts.

County Commissioners said they do not anticipate a price increase on either of those districts.

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